About Us

For most pet owners, their pets are a part of the family and are treated in the same way.  We give them the best foods, take them to the vet if they are sick and lavish love and affection on them.   But there are times that we can’t be there for them and can’t see to all their needs.  This is where services such as house sitting, dog walking and looking after pets while you are on holiday comes in.

What we offer

Holidays4Paws is designed to act as a way for you to meet the perfect person to help out with your pet.  Whether you are going on holiday and need house sitters in the UK or are looking for information on holidays for pets, we can put you in touch with the right people.  You may not be going away anywhere but instead find you need someone to help look after your dog while you are at work – a dog walker is the person you need and here we can match you up with the right one.

Our services work both ways and we can advertise your services to help you find the perfect client.  Say you offer a service for house sitting a dog or cat or even run a pet sitting website – you can place an advert here and find clients looking for just those services.  Maybe you run a dog walking network or want to get a dog walking job?  Then this website is the place to pair up with the best customers.  And you can find those pet sitting jobs near you or list your dog walking description and find people in your area who want that service.

How the website works

Holidays4Pets is simple to use as there are two main sections to search – jobs and pet sitters.  Under the jobs section you can post or search for anything from a cat sitter to a dog walker.  There are full time jobs, part time and even temporary jobs so if you need someone to look after your dog for a short time, you can engage them with no dog walking contract needed, just to help out for a short time.

Likewise, the house sitting jobs section allows sitters to showcase their services including information such as their location, what kind of animals they can look after and even include information such as their qualifications.  This allows pet owners to book such services from a position of being informed and confident about their choices.

Whatever you need to help you with your pet and make them comfortable at all times, Holidays4Pets is the place to find it.

What Our Clients Say

My west highland terrier Alfie has just spent two fantastic weeks with Jackie and Alan. Jackie kept us up to date with regular photos of Alfie enjoying his stay and play time with Alan, which made us feel comfortable that he was in very good hands. We will definitely be booking Alfie in next time we go on holiday and would also recommend this service to anyone. Alfie also made a lovely new friend in Miley, see photo. Thank you very much to Jackie and Alan and Doggie Day Walkers for making Alfie’s stay so enjoyable and stress free for us.
Andy HillsDoggie Day Walkers & Pet Services